Artist Kevin A. Williams' work is literally mined from his dreams. The Atlanta based artist and businessman, better known by his art moniker WAK, will tell you that the works he creates literally come to him as dreams. Sometimes calming and serene, but oftentimes as nightmares that cannot be silenced until they are rendered on canvas. His works showcase every aspect of the African American experience - love and family, spirituality and sensuality - all of which reside in the calm and serene. However, his work depicting the middle passage, slavery, and the subjugation of black lives are fed by his nightmares. One of his series depicts slaves as "missing persons," who, rather than having names only have numbers to identify them to their lost families. Look closely into an African matriarch's eyes and her tears reflect the slave ships receding in the horizon with their precious cargo bound for new lands where they will forever be in bondage.