Pigment International launches We Love Art shopping site

p. andrews-keenan

Collections include Fine Art,
Objet d’Arts and ‘Something Funky’Special order our inaugural cover art ‘ISYS’ by James Nelson

(CHICAGO) – –PIGMENT InternationalTM today announced the launch of its new shopping site, and the handle says it all, WeLoveArt2022.

The new site offers a fine array of art and objects that have been curated over time.

Collections featured on the site include Fine Art, Fine Art Prints, Objet d’arts, Pigment Magazine, Apparel and items that offer a little lift to your décor without breaking the bank. Fine art originals are available alongside street banners and vintage postcards. Items change regularly, as most are one of a kind. Currently available on the site is a street banner from the Kerry James Marshall exhibition “Mastry.”

The work ‘ISYS’ by artist James Nelson graced the inaugural cover of Pigment Magazine and has been garnering interest ever since.

ISYS is now available for customization as an embellished print on the new site. Pigment International also has its own line of merchandise including Black Fine Art Month T- shirts and lapel pins, our ‘Till Death We Do Art’ and ‘Infinite Titan’ pin specially designed for Pigment International by artist Edo White.

“The love of art is certainly about those things we hang on our walls, but it is also the books we read and the objects we choose to collect that are unique to our experiences,” says Patricia Andrews-Keenan, founder of Pigment International. “I’ve always been a collector, whether the item came from a flea market, or an art gallery and I hope visitors to our site see things that fit seamlessly into their lives.”

About Pigment International Pigment InternationalTM is a multi-media arts platform that evangelizes for Black art, curation, and innovation. Based in Chicago, the organization uses arts journalism to advance the Black contemporary aesthetic in the visual arts; we honor the history and relevance of historical Black Art; and we serve as a connector for emerging creators, collectors, curators, investors, and other stakeholders. We create customized programming that sparks dialogue and inspires our constituents. We are the publishers of Pigment Magazine and founders of Black Fine Art Month. Follow Pigment International on FB and IG. See our Annual report here.

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